Competent execution technique and some nuances of the vacuum exercise

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For what purposes do you need to make a vacuum for the abdomen. Its main advantages. The order of the exercise, its secrets and a simplified version.

What is the basis for judging the slimness of a figure? First of all – on a flat and beautiful belly. At the same time, many beginners often delay the training of “cubes” of the press, believing that they will develop already. This is the wrong approach. The abdominal muscles need help. Moreover, there is such an effective and simple exercise as a vacuum. Let’s look at what this exercise is, why do it, and what the correct technique should be.



According to professionals, a vacuum in the abdomen is a useful and effective exercise. It is believed that with its help it is possible to give shape to the press area in a short time and add tone to the transverse muscles. If you perform the exercise correctly, then the result is not long in coming. Just a few weeks and you can lose excess fat, strengthen the inner part of the abdomen, make an ideal waist and give relief to the press. An interesting fact is that this exercise is popular not only in bodybuilding, but also in yoga that has been tested for millennia.

Main advantages

If you are still in doubt whether to make a stomach vacuum or not, carefully study the effect of this exercise. And there is something to brag about. Regular training allows you to:

  • eliminate abdominal distension. Such a concept as a “tumbled belly” is a thing of the past. In general, the problem with the underdevelopment of the abdominal muscles is very common, and the vacuum eliminates this problem;
  • reduce the layer of fat cells that invariably accumulate around the internal organs, and interfere with their work;
  • develop strength of the abdominal muscles (transverse);
  • reduce the waist for short periods of time. If you do a vacuum of the abdomen regularly and correctly, you can quickly find the perfect figure;
  • achieve a more powerful expiratory force (with closed nose and mouth);
  • make a flat stomach without danger to health;
  • organize full control over the abdominal area;
  • to exclude a change in the location of internal organs due to insufficient study of the retaining muscles;
  • reduce pain in the back (usually the lower part suffers) and stabilize the vertebra.


Features of the technique

To achieve the results described above, you must do the exercise correctly, taking into account the recommendations below. At the same time, the ideal execution frequency is at least five times a week. The body should gradually get used to the stomach is in a state of tension. If you hold out in an active rhythm for at least a few weeks, then the muscles will be in the necessary tone, and you will no longer need to make efforts for their additional control.

The algorithm of actions during the exercise is as follows:

  1. Take your usual position in a standing position. The legs are standard – in line with the shoulders, hands are on the hips. Remember this position – it is the starting point.
  2. Now do it smoothly and most importantly – take the slowest breath through the nostrils until the lungs are full. Then, exhale forcefully the accumulated air and try to move the areas of the back and abdomen as close as possible. Virtually strive to ensure that the navel literally touches the spinal column. “Hang” in this position for a while (optimally – 16-20 seconds). As soon as this time comes to an end, you can return the stomach to its original position.

The described embodiment of the exercise is more suitable for experienced athletes with well-developed abdominal muscles. If you did not have to make a vacuum earlier, then it is advisable to start with simpler options. So, the exercise can be performed while standing (on your knees), on a chair (you can be in a half-sitting position), or the easiest way is on your back.



Simplified version

How to do the right vacuum on the back? Proceed as follows:

  1. The initial position will be different from the previous one. Take a comfortable lying position. Straighten your arms and lay them along the body, bend your legs slightly in the knee joint, and relax the muscle fibers. Exhale and feel the air leaving the lungs. At the same time, make sure that no muscles are excessively tensed.
  2. As soon as there is no air left in the chest, tighten the muscles in the abdomen. Start pulling the last one with maximum effort. At this point, breathing is prohibited. Once you reach the compression limit, pause for 12-15 seconds, inhale a little air and try to draw in your stomach again.
  3. After replenishing the lungs with a small portion of air, do not rush to return to the starting position. It will be correct to fix the muscles and hold them in the “worked” state for another 12-15 seconds. At the same time, continue to work with your muscles and draw in your stomach. If a long delay causes problems, then it is allowed to take small breaths.
  4. At the last stage, exhale and relax. Now empty your lungs again and retract your stomach with renewed vigor. After retracting, strain the muscle fibers in the abdomen and immediately push them out while breathing in.


Execution Secrets

Above, we examined how to do the exercise correctly. Now consider the main nuances. There are several of them:

  • first use the “lying” or “standing” vacuum method;
  • to make a full exhalation, you can use the well-known practice of bodyflex;
  • try to draw air through the nose in small portions;
  • do everything possible to bring the spinal column and the navel as close to each other as possible;
  • at the time of exhalation, begin to draw in the stomach;
  • exercise is best done on an empty stomach (for example, immediately after waking up or before going to bed);
  • the number of repetitions is 12-15, the number of approaches is 2-3. The duration of the reduction is 12-15 seconds.


Despite the ease of implementation, this exercise is considered one of the most effective. So use this technique daily, lose weight and protect yourself from many health problems. Exercise vacuum for the abdomen has already proven its effectiveness, so lose weight with pleasure and strengthen the abs.

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