Growth of Soy Fiber Market in Global Industry : Research and Forecast 2018-2026

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Today, soy fiber market has set up itself in numerous divisions of merchandise. Soy fiber is removed from de-oiled soya bean as it compensates for 9% of the dry load of a soya bean plant. Soy fiber market demonstrates its essence in a plenty of businesses which incorporates nutraceuticals, material, sustenance, and refreshments and so forth. The simple entry to crude material and various utilization of soy fiber makes the future perspective for the soy fiber market more grounded. The buyer of today keeps on requesting for more beneficial sustenance items. Given a decision, the shopper will consistently pick an ad libbed nourishment item to keep up a decent wellbeing over pharmaceutical options. With wild timetables and developing pattern for more advantageous way of life, the interest for dietary enhancements is on an ascent. Soy fiber has a gigantic nearness in the dietary fiber market and is accessible in numerous various structures.

It has been long established that inclusion of soluble & non- soluble fiber in the diet is a must for the well-being of an individual. Soy fiber has been one of the most preferred go-to dietary fiber since it was introduced in the market.

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Soy fiber: meat of the future

Following the popular culture of veganism, many people are turning towards vegetarianism. Soy fiber has been one of the key elements for the development of meat alternatives. Meat has a specific texture because of which it is more appealing as a food preference for many. Almost all the meat alternatives that exist in the market use soy fiber as a texture enhancer or use it as a complete alternative in form of soy fiber nuggets. The preference of a vegan culture worldwide in synergism with soy being the go-to fiber as a substitute indicates a surge in demand for soy fiber in the market over the forecast period from multiple regions.

Soy fiber in nutraceuticals: new & trending products incorporating soy fiber

Soy fiber available for commercial use is used primarily as a binder in multiple food products. Meat substitutes are a part of the product portfolio that utilize soy fiber. Nutrition bars, snack bars, cereal processing also use soy fiber as a binding agent. With properties like neutral taste, low cost and easy availability, soy fiber makes for an excellent food additive. According to the studies conducted in 2015 by Tasnim Farzana, inclusion of soy protein in edible flour and biscuits improved the nutritional as well as the sensory quality of the final product. With the marginal increase in cost for a much higher gain in terms of quality of the final products, many companies are opting for soy fiber as a must-have additive. With the rise in demand for nutraceutical products and demand for new and improved food products in the market, the demand for soy fiber is also on the rise. 

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Opportunities for Market Participants in Soy Fiber Market:

Inclusion of soy fiber in products as a marginal increase in production cost and a high quality end product has led to an increase in demand of soy fiber in the market. The demand from meat industry for soy fiber has also been on the rise owing to its texture improving qualities. With major flour manufacturers like ITC opting to include soy fiber in their products, the soy fiber market is witnessing a steady increase in demand.

Global soy fiber: A Regional Outlook

With Asia-Pacific, Western Europe and Eastern Europe regions being heavily wheat and wheat product dependent, the demand for soy fiber as a food additive comes primarily from these three regions, followed by North America. The demand for soy fiber as a feed additive in the market comes primarily from the Asia Pacific and Latin America region, courtesy to the highest combined livestock population. Western Europe, Eastern Europe and North America regions also have a higher disposable income than Asia Pacific which indicates that the demand for nutraceuticals is anticipated to witness a pattern of growth from these region. A shift towards a vegan lifestyle worldwide, especially clustered in developed regions such as North America, Eastern Europe and Western Europe has led to an increase in demand for meat substitutes in the market. Soy fiber being a key ingredient in meat substitutes, has seen a surge in demand from aforementioned regions. The demand for soy fiber will continue to grow exponentially with meat substitutes being available in more regions and vegan population increasing.

  • By end use:
    • Food
    • Nutraceuticals
    • Meat substitutes
    • Processed food
    • Bakery
    • Others
    • Beverages
    • Feed additive
    • By Distribution Channel:
    • Direct
    • indirect

Global Soy Fiber Market: Key Players:

Some of the key players in the soy fiber market are Ruchi Soya industries Ltd., Dupont Danisco, Nutra food ingredients, Healthy food ingredients, FOODCHEM international corporation, Pacific Soyabean and grain, Euroduna Food Ingredients GmbH, Archer Daniels Midland, Shandong Yuxin Bio-Tech Co. Ltd., NOW FOODS.

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