Sperm Count Test Kit Market Statistics And Research Analysis Released In Latest Report

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Sperm count test kit is being used by men frequently now, which was not the scenario earlier, as it was only the women who were being tested and evaluated for fertility. Sperm count test or semen analysis is carried out in order to analyze the health and viability of a man’s sperm. The test analysis is carried out by collecting a sample of semen. Semen is the fluid which contains sperm comprising of protein and sugar substances that is released during male ejaculation. Sperm count analysis is generally recommended to couples who have problems in conceiving.

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Sperm count test kit helps in analyzing or determining low sperm count or any sperm abnormality. However, there are certain factors which may affect the test negatively; these could be semen coming in contact with spermicide, test conducted during illness, or bad handling or contamination of the sample. Sperm count test kit gives the number of sperms in the sample, which should be around 70 to 80 million sperms/ml. However, it is always not necessary that men with low sperm count are not fertile; low sperm count could also be due to other problems in the body.

The primary application of a sperm test kit is to observe the motility and morphology of the sperm. Sperm motility is the movement of sperm from cervix to the egg through the fallopian tube; the normal motility of a sperm is estimated at around 50% of the total sample. In morphology, the structure of the sperm is observed, if the morphology is not correct it may be an indication of exposure to chemicals or toxins due to other medical conditions. Once the sperm count test is finished, the results are analyzed and combined with the individual’s medical history by an expert who then suggests the treatment. The global sperm test kit market can be classified on the basis of application type, end-user, and geography. The application type segment can be divided into sperm motility, sperm count, infection detection, and others. The end-user segment can be bifurcated into hospitals, diagnostic centers, home care, and others.

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The global sperm count test kit market is expected to be driven by major advancements in science and technology and prevalence of fertility disorders, such as, low sperm count. According to reports published in a survey in the U.S., a high percentage of couples in the country was opting for fertility treatment where it was perceived that the main reason for low fertility was certain disorder with the man. Another driver of the sperm count kit market is the rise in awareness regarding male infertility. However, lower accuracy of the test performed through a sperm test kit as compared to that performed by an expert is likely to be a restraint of the sperm count test kit market. Other key restraints of the sperm count test kit market are lack in awareness regarding the test in developing economies, socio-economic issues, and limited availability of the product.

In terms of geography, the global sperm count test kit market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. North America and Europe dominated the global sperm count test kit market during the forecast period. Dominance of these regions in the sperm count test kit market can be attributed to higher awareness among the people, presence of major test kit manufacturers, increasing research and development activities, and better health care facilities.

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Asia Pacific is anticipated to provide lucrative opportunities to the sperm count test kit market during the forecast period. Latin America and Middle East & Africa region are anticipated to grow under the influence of major geographies. Developing health care infrastructure and rising awareness about the sperm count test kit are anticipated to drive the sperm count test kit market during the forecast period.

Major players operating in the global sperm count test kit market include SwimCount, AB ANALITICA srl, DIACRON INTERNATIONAL SRL, Medical Electronic Systems LLC, OPERON, and SOBIODA.